Monday, May 2, 2011

Sidhe Space

Walk around this tree,   
and there it is.
This is their place.
Well, they are everywhere
but here especially.

Look over there
no, wait.
Don’t look with your eyes
not directly
You see them best
from the corners of your eyes
And your eyes only look,
it is your heart that sees.

Feel where they are
with the edges of your soul.
Use the tactile edges of your being
They are dancing there
just beyond your waking mind.

Trust the believing mind
not the analytical one.
Cast the net of your spirit
and allow them to be there.
You can’t force them to come
to your bidding
You can only let them be.
They are their own selves,
not ruled by any.
But they will come
and be your guide
if you let them.

Poem copyright William Seward, 2007
Art copyright Cat Dancing, 2010

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