Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poem: There Are Times

There are times
I want so much to touch her,
feel her next to me,
see her.
Devote every sense to exploring her.
Taste her lips, her skin,
feel my hands caressing her,
feel her hands caressng me.
Sometimes it seems that
there are more of those times
than hours in the day,
shells in the sea.
But when it is real
and we are together,
those times are so precious
nothing else exists.
We are alone in space and time,
lost in each other.

Other times
I am alone.
I awake,
still feeling her kiss on my lips,
my hands tingle,
feeling themselves stroke her back
even though she is far away.
It is so clear,
very clear, 
so vivid in my mind,
my heart,
that I hope somehow
she feels it in her dreams
and smiles.

copyright 2007 William Seward 

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