Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seeing Things?

If you are a reader of my other blog, Song of the RainCrow, you may recognize the previous posts here. I just imported several of the more "writing related" posts from there to set the stage here. I may still be cross-posting relevant entries from that blog, however, my intention for this one is to strictly present my writing efforts, as well as flights of fancy related to my main projects. You may see vignettes drawn from my proposed mystery series, "Shin Oak", or from my in-progress untitled fantasy novel, or more poetry from me. 
In the case of the "Shin Oak" series. I have had fun compiling a lot of info on the denizens and surroundings of my fictional small town. I have struck upon this as a method of developing color and back story for that project. It's not "News From Lake Wobegon", but is somewhat inspired by that. I will also post from time to time tantalizing portions of my archived play scripts.
All this bearing in mind:  "A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits."
--Lazarus Long (well, Robert Heinlein)

You've been warned!

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