Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Royal Wedding

   Something weird happened in 1958. And it wasn't at Area 51.
   I got married.
   I was seven, and in second grade.
   You know  how it goes, we were too young, it didn't last.

   Well,  here's how it went. Back in the day, my school, Liberty Hill School, had all twelve grades in one school. Small classes as well, there was only one class per grade.
   The school annual covered all twelve grades as well. 
   Traditionally, the school king and queen were selected every year and recognized in the annual, as well as the overall school program in the spring. 
   Traditionally, the school king and queen came from the high school classes, and were the most popular couple, you know, like homecoming king and queen, and so on.
   I don't know how these things were usually decided. In 1957 the powers that be, whomever they were, decided to have a school-wide election to determine the winning couple. Each class selected two representatives, I don't remember how. The second grade class, for some reason, wound up nominating Sharon and myself. 
   Now, Sharon was nice, and I thought she was the most beautiful girl in school, so maybe I volunteered.
   But I was never, ever, popular. 
   I have no idea how I wound up representing the second grade. What I do remember is that, for the main election, each set of delegates were allowed to canvass for votes. 
   Money votes. 
   One penny per vote. 
   We had an advantage. Sharon had a large family, and they were related to many others around town. I grew up in my grandparent's gas station. My grandmother had no problem talking everyone coming into the store into dropping something in the vote jar. Between the two of us, we got a lot of pennies.
   We won. 
   I still can't imagine it.
   I believe those powers that be were a bit taken aback. No elementary students had ever been chosen as King and Queen before. 
   We didn't get to be Homecoming King and Queen. I think the "Duke and Duchess" (who, after all, were really high school students) were. When the annual school pageant came around, it was called "May Fete". The theme was "The Wedding of the Flowers." 
   The wedding was Sharon and myself. She was "Lily Of The Valley", I was "Johnny Jump Up". We were married by a "Jack In The Pulpit". Other various flowers were in attendance. In fact, I believe all the elementary classes participated.
   The whole thing was performed before the "King's Court", which really included the Duke and Duchess, as well as all the parents of the school. It was a big deal.
   I got to kiss the bride, sort of. She ducked.
   The fact that we were really King and Queen wasn't acknowledged there in the pageant, or in any of the other events that I know of.
   Except the school annual.
   I only bought two annuals in my twelve years in school. My senior year annual (1967-68) and that one (1957-58).
   I got the proof.
   By the way, Sharon and I never got together again.
   She left me at the altar, at least it was after the ceremony.
   They assured us it wasn't legal anyway.
   Young love, they say it never runs true!

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