Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On With The Show!

Background! Action! Reset!
I just got home from another outing as a film extra over at Austin Studios. This time it was for the TV show "The Lying Game" for ABC Family network. Episode 19. It will be shown in a few weeks. I admit to being a bit nonplussed because the casting call was for patients for a nursing home. 
Hey, work is work! And this time it was a paying gig, not to mention getting lunch!
As my readers know I've done this before. The most recent one previously was the movie "Doonby" filmed in Smithville with John Schneider. That is due to be released in a couple of months as well. 
With the vagaries of Television Production, this episode of Lying Game will apparently make it out before that movie does. 

I had also previously done "The Magnificent Dead", a zombie/vampire western directed by Shane Scott a few years back. That one is still not out either. There was also a student film before that, never shown, with a name I don't recall. Perhaps all my work will come out within a few months and I'll be an "overnight" success!

Anyway, today was good fun. It's great to finally be paid. I was led to believe by someone that the "Doonby" gig would be paid as well, but that was bad information, I guess. Now if I can only get more of the same!

There was some costume consternation, since we had been told to come dressed as if for church, but we were mostly too well dressed initially for denizens of a nursing home. We all had to dress down for it. In addition, we were told we mostly looked "too young". I did suggest that we were all aging during the wait, and might possibly be old enough by the time we filmed the scene. That at least got laughs from the other extras, if not the PA's. 


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