Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing, writing and so on.

I am seriously considering forming a writing group for my area. Some time back I was one of the charter members of Austin Script Works, a very good, helpful group in Austin. I enjoyed my membership there, I feel it was a good model. It's still a great organization, I hear, but I am a bit too far away to attend regularly. I feel there are enough budding and experienced writers around the Elgin, McDade, Manor (Texas) area to get a more general group going here. I envision it to be a free form group considering all genre's of writing, offering support to each other constructively. We could have readings, discussions, swap resources, and maybe do workshops. I myself have a couple of novels in the works, several produced plays with more coming, and even a few poems. It would be great to meet monthly, or even every couple of weeks to swap ideas.

We had a small group going when I lived in Liberty Hill, but we had a bit of trouble keeping it going. It was great while it lasted. Shin Oak Ridge Writers, any of you still around?

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